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  • || Three Favorite Things || Ramadan Tips || Flower Wreath

    Three Favorite Ramadan Things

    Flowers, Moons and an Adorable Book. Three lovely and simple ideas  to incorporate into your Ramadan / Eid Vibe.   Book Ramadan Celebrate The World Book This cute little board book is…

  • || Somali Shaa || Spicy Ginger & Mint Tea

    Somali Shaa

    A Heady Ginger and Mint Tea with Aromatic Spices  Mamanushka, it turns out has a penchant for fragrant drinks. We’ve had Saffron  Kahwa from Kashmir, Orange Blossom Date Cooler from Fez, age…


    Eid Mubarak!

    I took this photo of the Kaaba about three years ago. We were on Umrah. It’s my favourite image from that time and I wanted to share it with you all today.…

  • MAMANUSHKA.COM || Every Friday Is An Eid

    Thank God It’s Friday!

    How To Have 52 Eids A Year In case you hadn’t noticed, we love Eid. Whether putting together gifts, celebrating the day or sharing it with our community, both Eid ul-Fitr and…

  • MAMANUSHKA.COM || Kashmir || Best Food On Earth || Waazwan

    On Kashmir: Cuisine, Celebration, Curfew

    Kashur Yakh’n : Melt in the Mouth Lamb Infused with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Fennel In the spirit of Eid lets talk about celebratory food! I have already shared a delectable Saffron Kehwa from…

  • || Eid Moobaarak! || Eid Mubarak || Eid With Kids

    Eid ‘Moo – Baa’rak’ !

    Wishing all our lovely readers a joyful Eid, full of blessings and peace for the year ahead. Ameen. Also a huge congratulations and ‘Hajj Mubarak’ to those who made that journey of a…

  • henna sunshine ::

    Same, Same But Different

    About Our Eid & Us There wasn’t supposed to be another ‘Eid’ post today but hey, the kids are still in Eid mode around here! One of the best parts about Eid,…