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    Style Inspo : Pheranomenal Kashur Chic

    You might have noticed I have had Kashmir on my mind. As an ode to her return to Kashmir, I shared Mama-in-Law’s method of making the ever elusive Koshur aanchar (there were…


    My Mama Before Me

    I used to be a Daddy’s girl. Eldest child.  Sure of myself and my place in the world. ‘Aunty ki bachi’ my sisters would mockingly call me alluding to my people pleasing nature.…

  • MAMANUSHKA.COM || Kashmir || Best Food On Earth || Waazwan

    On Kashmir: Cuisine, Celebration, Curfew

    Kashur Yakh’n : Melt in the Mouth Lamb Infused with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Fennel In the spirit of Eid lets talk about celebratory food! I have already shared a delectable Saffron Kehwa from…

  • || Gone Camping || Forest Tents

    Gone Camping

    Today is the first of August and we can barely believe that in four short weeks, our long lazy summer days will come to a close and a crisp new autumn will…

  • :: traveling with kids :: same same but different

    Same Same But Different : Traveling

    We are traveling! Both halves of Mamanushka are in travel mode as we are visiting our families, literally crossing paths across the Atlantic. Remember the post where I mention our funny life…

  • The Ultimate Travel Tip || Hijabi On A Bicycle ||

    A Travelling Tip

    For ALL your Journeys. I remember planning a day out at the Natural History Museum when we lived in NYC. I had already taken my son once, on a mama and son…

  • FOOD

    Fassian Milk

    Date and Orange Blossom Milk from Fez Last month, my sister and I took a last-minute trip to Fez, Morocco – to visit that incredible city of saints and hang out with…