5 Modern Mendhi Instagram Accounts We are Crushing On


What’s your internet rabbit hole? Got to say, Mehndi just does it for me. From Uni events raising money for charity (applying henna to hundreds of awe struck students), to even a few brides who entrusted their precious bridal hands to me –  Henna is something I am so passionate about but just don’t have much time for anymore.

These days I love meandering down the path that is Mehndi design, and can spend hours ‘hearting’ all my favourites!

Instagram is one of the best places to find amazing henna artists. Here are are five I am crushing on right now who do a cool and modern take on this ancient form of body art (without losing that traditional vibe) ~

5-modern-mendhi-instagrams-fadinginflorescence-via-mamanushka-blogIt’s not just the henna its self which is exquisite, but fading Inflorescence gets the photography just right too, take it from an amateur photographer and an amateur henna artist ~ making unique pics of hennaed hands is no easy feat!


5-modern-mendhi-instagrams-soubiyakazia-via-mamanushka-blogKerla based Soubiya Kazia’s henna stains are to ‘dye’ for (sorry couldn’t help that one!) she blends the traditional Indian henna designs  effortlessly with traditional Arab ones and emerges with this subtle but unique look.


5-modern-mendhi-instagrams-tokomehndi-hands-via-mamanushka-blogTokoMehndi, run by Dutch artist, Josje (who is currently located in New Delhi, but has travelled the world including, Chez Republic, Ireland and Paris, ) is another one for pure eye candy, I love that each photo is tied to the next by that signature duck egg blue.  The styles of henna are, like the artist herself, ‘Nomadic’ in nature,  echoing – Arab, Indian and even Tibetian patterns! Totally in love with this one.


5-modern-mendhi-instagrams-hennackg-via-mamanushka-blogThis Henna powerhouse is a brand name in itself, hennackg  is run by Montreal based artist Camille who also sells her own pre-made/pre-filled cones using all natural ingredients. The stain given by these cones is the best I have ever seen (although I have not tried one myself – just going by the photos)


5-modern-mendhi-instagrams-hennabysadaf-2-via-mamanushka-blogAll the heart eyes for this account! Each pattern more whimsical than the other, I love the romantic look this henna artist gives her lace like designs.


Are you a henna fiend? What are your favourite Instagram feeds these days?


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(Also, we don’t know any of these Artists personally, although I wish we did!)


Top photo credit TokoMehndi

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