7 Of The Funniest, Punniest Cards We Love Right Now

Funny, punny cards are so enjoyable and there’s something about Valentine’s Day that just cranks up the cuteness factor!

Sending and receiving cards is one of my favourite things to do and what’s better than sending that card to make that person smile. Here I say embrace the cheesiness of it all and roll with any one of these 7 chuckle-inducing cards and be thankful that we finally have options beyond “I Choo Choo Choose You.” || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Science Card || Designed by The Chemist TreeHands down my favourite card of the year – I laughed and laughed.  Perfect for the science geek in your life – this features a drawing of the chemical structure of an antimicrobial in lichen. Swoon.

Designed by The Chemist Tree, the entire series is all pretty clever. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Foodie Card || Designed by Ginger Doodles

Foodies are always spoilt for choice with puns and I love the way this one is expressed in an exuberant hand-printed card. Everyone has someone they love from their head to their “tomatoes”!

Designed by Ginger Doodles Designs. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Foodie Card || Designed by Substellar Studio

Look at this sad cannoli! I’ve never seen such a tragic Italian dessert. It makes me want to write a long messsage and send it to my dessert-loving bestie immediately.

Designed by Substellar Studio. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Star Wars Card || Designed by Remember November Inc.Laughter. Joy. A card-giver craves to provide all these things. To your favourite Jedi. Send this. You will.

* Edited to add that I just learned this particular design is no longer available but an Internet search for Yoda Valentines brings up many great options. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Nerd Card || Designed by LeTrango

I absolutely adore board games and some time ago had an obsessive phase involving The Settlers of Catan. If you know anything about the game, you will understand this card immediately – any Catan fan “wood” chuckle with glee. (See what I did there?)

Designed by Pinwheel Printshop. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Foodie Card || Designed by Pinwheel Printshop

We all have a srirachi to our pho and this is the perfect card for the one who spices up your life!

Designed by LeTrango. || Funny Punny Valentine's Cards || Roundup || Cat Card || Designed by Clare Corfield Carr

This one made me laugh out loud – we all know a cat like this!

Designed by Clare Corfield Carr.





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  • Reply Sumaya February 2, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Love that Star Wars one… I actually haven’t watched a single movie but I could still tell your descriptor on that one is spot on! Feel like sending this one to my 6 year old! 😂

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