For The HEroes Around You: Eid Gift Guide 1437/2016


Your DIY loving dad who taught you how to ride a bike, let you buy all the books you ever wanted and who is now your child’s best friend forever:


This box of grooming necessities he would never consider buying for himself.



The ultimate prayer mat – backed with stress absorbing materials, his knees will thank you five times a day!



For all the times he’s pointed you in the right direction, this personalised compass keychain.



An Eid card handmade by your kids with a sweet message for their “Nana-Abu“,  as that’s all he wants anyway!


Your ‘half my deen’ hubby who recites Quran out loud in the mornings, gives you his last spoonful of ice cream and always smells amazing:


This Purification of the Heart book (because he works with hearts all day in the medical setting) to give him a spiritual perspective he will cherish for ever,



Splurge on this Tom Ford Oud Parfum because you finally might just have found a new fav for your fussy man.



This prophetic sandal ring – to remind him of his greatest love.


Your bestest jetsetting big brother who always got there first, has a deep and abiding love of the classics, coffee and culture and, most importantly, never forgets a souvenir for you:


Beni Laptop Art – so he can hotdesk in style.



This gorgeous fair-trade scarf by A Peace Treaty. 100% alpaca wool makes it light but warm and perfect for planes, trains and automobiles.



Merge two of his favourite things (coffee and the making of it) and find a beautiful book about it! This one shines a new light on the ultimate ingredient:  Water For Coffee Book


This concludes our HEroes edition of the Mamanushka Eid Gift Guide 1437/2016! Share your own favourite HEroes gift idea with us in the comments!

(Still searching for gift ideas for the women in your life? Then check out our SHEroes gift guide. What about kids? Then take a look at our SuperSTARS gift guide.)

Also, we want you to know that this gift guide represents our own research, views and opinions only – we were in no way paid or compensated.

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