For The SHEroes In Your Life: Eid Gift Guide 1437/2016


For your ‘bezzy’ best bud who you’ve known since you were 12 but now lives a continent away:


This gorgeous kundan inspired cocktail ring to add some glamour to her day – because her baby keeps pulling at those earrings she loves to wear.



This handmade luxury halal Rocky Road, delivered straight to her door.



Call a local cleaning company and buy her a gift card for a full house service clean, to use whenever she feels like it.


For your sweet sister who dances with you till you fall down with laughter, is always ready with an honest opinion and with whom you would trust your child till the ends of the world:


These gorgeous prayer beads, designed and handmade in England.



This tongue-in-cheek reusable tote.



This easy to read book of meditations on the 99 Divine Names – The Sufi Book of Life.


For your amazing mum who made your every Eid special, never takes a day off and gives so much from her right hand without the left hand noticing:


The gift that keeps giving – as long as these trees exist, give shade and bear fruit, they will be a source of ongoing blessings (sadaqa jariyya).



For the woman under whose feet lies your jannah – surprise her with a luxury foot massage or better still give her a foot massage yourself and finish it off with this tried and tested callus cream – the best one we have come across so far.



Sandalwood soap to remind her of her childhood ‘back home’.



A photobook filled with pics of your kids as that’s all she wants anyway! Its easy to make one straight from your phone – we loved using Artifact Uprising. Or try Chatbooks if you’d prefer to print direct from your instagram account.


You, yourself! For the fun loving, compassionate and discerning woman that you are:


This stunning fair trade floor basket you’ve been eyeing all year to perfectly store your gorgeous prayer mats.



These perfect headphones – sublime sound, sleek looks, easy to carry, works with your phone and best of all, they won’t mess with your hair (or your hijab!).



Finally, treat yourself to a fresh flower subscription for beautiful blooms through your letterbox – this is one we’ve used and loved.

Now, let us know the the best gift you’ve ever received – we really want to know!

Looking for the perfect pressie for the men in your life? Then check out our HEroes gift guide. What about kids? Then take a look at our SuperSTARS gift guide.

Also, we want you to know that this gift guide represents our own research, views and opinions only – we were in no way paid or compensated.

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  • Reply Pabx June 9, 2016 at 8:01 am

    I know these are gift suggestions, but the Ramadan tummy rumbles are tempting me to ‘gift’ myself some of the amazing looking Rocky Road 😋

    • Reply Mamanushka June 13, 2016 at 12:23 pm

      Ah Ha Ha Ha – Take it from us, you won’t regret it!

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