For The SuperSTARS of Your Heart (Kids!): Eid Gift Guide 1437/2016


Your little toddling two year old who loves lollipops and making up the funniest names for everyone in your family:


This little doll family with the  perfect moniker for your mini-Muslim – A set of russian dolls called, wait for it, “Hijabushka”.



Make it for the littlest one or make it with the older one – Whichever child you choose to gift this to is sure to adore it: Muslim Screenprint Doll Screenprint Doll Kit.


Your big-eyed, big-hearted, thoughtful first grader who makes being a Mama so so easy:


Keep track of the Hijri months as they pass, by learning and lighting the phases of the moon with this moon phase candle holder.



Think you know triangles? Well think again. This felt mosaic game will open her eyes (and yours!) to the limitless potential of simple shapes.


Your sunshine faced 5 year old whose favourite prophet is Prophet Ibrahim for his amazing ‘superpowers’:


This wonderful illustrated book series detailing the birth of the Prophet Muhammad – peace and blessing be upon him – but from the perspective of the animals in Mecca!




These speedy, modular, wooden Automoblox Mini Cars.


Your little niece or nephew who wants to be just like you:


This personalised wooden toy camera, so you can each have your own gear.


Your Throne of Glass reading,  top 40 listening, seerah loving tween who always asks the best questions and gives the most frustrating answers:


With a focus on civic engagement and social justice, this compelling biography of the Prophet Muhammad – peace and blessings be upon him – is a real page-turner and unlike any she’s ever read before.



This greeting card to encourage her to be her to keep being her true, best self. (Bonus, this is designed by our very own Aiysha Malik)


This is the last of our Mamanushka Eid Gift Guides 1437/2016 – it was a real pleasure to put these together and share them with you! Now,  share your favourite gifts to give and receive with us in the comments.

Searching for a gift for someone slightly older? Then take a look at our other Eid Gift Guides for the SHEroes and HEroes in you life.

Also, we want you to know that this gift guide represents our own research, views and opinions only – we were in no way paid or compensated.

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