Fun Times & A Surprising Delivery Hack


Recently I was out with my girlfriends. That sounds so North American doesn’t it? And like this is some kind of regular outing I do every weekend. Unfortunately the ‘regular’ part is not accurate but I am blessed to have found a bunch of like minded mamas with whom, once in awhile I really can – kick back and relax.

Within a few weeks of moving to a new city, a fellow Muslim mama had introduced me to a weekly mom’s halaqa group and even before I had attended any halaqa at all, invited me to their Eid party

‘So you can meet everyone’ She said.

That Eid party is one my kids still remember. One of the moms made up this goofy but cute song which, no joke, my kids LOVE to this day and still sing on Eid.

But this isn’t about my kids or Eid.  I was talking about an evening out. No kids. No husbands. Just us mamas and all the hilarity that comes with that, plus, this one cool (and to me kind of funny too) ‘hack’ I learnt that day, which I just had to share with you guys.

So we chose a cosy place for dinner (and stayed till they closed) then went to the nearest dessert place – not only to share some monstrous chocolatey dessert but to sit and chat a little more. As all women know, this is when the conversation got ‘deep’. One friend told the most side splitting story of a ‘glamping’  trip (glamorous camping)  her sister had ‘forced’ her to go on. It turned out the G in ‘glamping’ was really a silent g and that the L was pronounced like ‘c’! 

In the midst of laughter one of our friends remembered her husband would be waiting to eat the food he had ordered for takeout from the restaurant we had just left. The plan being that she would take it to him when she got home, however it was getting late yet at the same time she didn’t want to leave the party !   Without missing a beat she whipped out her phone ordered an über, gave the bewildered über driver her address and the takeout bag of food – and slid straight back into the conversation.

I was in awe! Did you just über the food to your husband?!

What a genius idea! I loved it! Okay so even though there’s no way I would be able to über food on the regular, what a great option for those times when needed in a pinch?

It’s like when you realise you can avoid making a trip to IKEA just to buy a couple of small things (and that ridiculous delivery fee)  by ordering Ikea  items on Amazon. Wait ? You hadn’t heard about that one either? Its a total game changer when all you need is a lamp or a clock  but you don’t want to go through the maze that is Ikea to get them!

It’s “Indigenous People Day” (aka – Columbus Day) here in the States, so I am off to enjoy the last part of this long weekend. Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday where ever you are!



Ps. After writing this I got to know, apparently there is another app specifically for this purpose called ‘favor’. Plus another genius time (and money saving)  (cooking) app


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  • Reply Minnie October 10, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Fond memories and great hacks! Thanks for sharing 👍🏽

  • Reply Leila October 10, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Ladies’ nights are the best! <3

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