Hey Shortie It’s Your Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and despite best efforts to the contrary, this tune was in my head all day! I’m probably dating myself here but I still remember when it was in the charts and the way it made me chuckle on opening a card from one of my sisters to read this apt ode  ‘hey shortie it’s your birthday!’

Since then its been a Teli sister joke. You see, among the four sisters, I am the eldest but also shortest sister. Go figure.

Its been a while since my birthday has come round in Ramadan. I told the hubby and kids not to buy a cake as I’d bake one myself. There was an old pear that needed rescuing and some dark chocolate that needed to be used up so mama (thats me!) decided to make a chocolate and almond flour, pear cake that ended up being more artisan brownie than cake (definitely a good thing). Somehow it’s so much more painful to waste food in Ramadan isn’t it? It was the perfect little post iftiar treat, made all the more amazing with a steaming cup of Somali shaa

This weekend is a long one for both the UK and USA. I am really looking forward to my little Ramadan gig at the Boston Children’s Museum on Sunday. I’ve so much been meaning to tell you guys more about this and if you’ve been following our instagram stories you will have heard about it already. Promise to write more on it soon!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend wherever you are.

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