The Cutest, Easiest Ka’aba Craft Ever

For Eid For Hajj Or Just Because…

So far there seems to be a running theme through my posts in the makes or food  section and that is that I have declared them all to be ‘Easy’! So, here I am again, happy to share a pretty easy ‘How To’ that is totally perfect for the upcoming Eid.

Another minimum effort maximum results kind of a thing, and who doesn’t need a bit of that in their lives?

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Since we made and sent these cards for last year’s Eid’ul adha, so many people told us what an adorable idea it was and how much they genuinely loved receiving the cards.

You can whip up these cute little ka’abas in plenty of time before Eid or give them as ‘Hajj Mubarak’ cards if you like. They also work beautifully as invitation cards and if you make a string of mini ones you could make a lovely banner for your Eid or ‘welcome back from Hajj’ party.

I did them with my 5 year old and two year old. Both were happy to join in and were wowed by the results ~ if you like to do ‘makes’ with little people then this is a good (non-messy) one. I actually love any opportunity to send snail mail, and enjoy encouraging my children to send and, in-turn, receive it too.

Even if you don’t have children around you, or they are too young for this – I say make them yourself anyway! Depending on how many people are lucky enough to be on your list of recipients, this won’t take much time at all.

Mamanushka.com || Cute Kaaba Cards || Eid Craft || Hajj Craft

Materials :

Black card,

Gold foil or wrapping paper, you could also use yellow but I say go for gold for that extra glam look!

Ruler for measuring out exact square

Scissors or exacto knife


Making :

Fold black card in half, measure out how big you would like the cards to be and cut a square, making sure of course not to cut the folded edge. we made ours aprox 10cm x 10cm

Stick a strip of gold foil across the card, about a quarter of the way down from the top.

Add a little rectangular gold door

(If you are into glitter, then go ahead and use a strip of glue and go crazy with the gold glitter! )

For the inside: either write directly on the black card using a gold pen or stick some paper inside and write message as normal.

Finishing Touches

Mamanushka.com || Cute Kaaba Cards || Eid Craft || Hajj Craft

We made this one with extra detail for one of my sisters who was coming back from hajj with her husband but in the end I think I actually loved the ‘minimalistic’ look more.

Slide into in cute envelopes, add stamps and send your sweet little greetings out into the world!

If you are forward thinking (unlike me) you would probably measure the card out for the envelopes you are planning to use, in order to make sure the card fits before you begin. Or if you are like me you will make all the cards realise your envelopes don’t fit and then go out, sample card in handbag, and buy envelopes that fit the card!

Mamanushka.com || Cute Kaaba Cards || Eid Craft || Hajj Craft

Receiving a hand written letter in the mail is one of the tiny pleasures of life, and it’s even more fun sending one! Enjoy! And happy Eid preps everyone!

Talking of Eid preps –

Whose Eid goes something a bit like this… ?

And ~

The 2016 Mamanushka Eid Gift Guide

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