Library Finds: ‘Ice Cream Summer’

Book By Peter Sís


Three time Caldecott honoree Peter Sís’s  picture book is pure delight. We found each and every page full of the sweetest ice cream details and funniest finds. It’s one of those books that you and your child will get more and more out of each time you re-visit it. So many times we lingered on one particular page to look for all the (illustration’s version) of ice-cream puns! Talking of which, the whole book looks like it was painted with a palette of ice cream flavors using a brush tinged with summer fun.


The book starts off as a letter a boy is writing to his grandfather about the summer holidays and goes on to sing a song of ice cream heaven! We learn some ice cream history (who invented the first ice cream in the world? who patented the first flat bottomed cone?) some mathematics and vocabulary too sprinkled with a bit of science and a whole mixture of imaginative additions. One can’t help but reminisce to childhood ice cream summers and if you have a little one around to share this book with the best part is that you can relive those moments again with them. We talked about favorite flavors and yucky flavors, about fantastical flavors and disappointing ones too.


Put this book on your library list and be prepared to eat some ice cream! It’s summer for us here as I write, but for sure when we first put this book in our bag of library books it was the middle of a New England winter (that means snow and a lot of it for those of you who are unfamiliar with winters in that part of the world) however as all normal human beings of the world know – it’s never too cold for ice cream and definitely never too hot or cold to cozy up to a real gem of a library find with someone you love.

You know that joyful feeling in your heart when your child asks you to play with them? Yeah me neither. Watch out for a bonus post later today with a totally adorable and easy play idea inspired by this book. May be this time you will be the one asking your child if THEY will play with YOU?!




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  • Reply rubab August 31, 2016 at 5:04 am

    Hello. I live in pakistan ..will this book b available here??i wanna get it fr my kids

    • Reply Sumaya August 31, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      Do you have a local library? Your library should be able to order in any book that you request. Or if you want your own copy, you could always buy it online?

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