Library Finds: Rufus The Writer

Book By Elizabeth Bram Illustrated By Chuck Groenink


Reading is one of the easiest ways to inspire writing, and this wonderful book about a boy who sets up a ‘story’ stand in lieu of a ‘lemonade stand’, is certain to do just that.

I read this to my then 5 and 2 year old a few months back the summer just gone, and it’s definitely a library favourite because months later he chose the same book again, even remembering one of the stories that had made us laugh together the first time round.

Rufus sets up his stand and in no time, he has customers. The book features four of Rufus’s stories each written in that perfectly child centeric way along with adorable illustrations that we loved pouring over together. One of the stories is particularly giggle inducing and we read it about 5 times collapsing into fits of laughter each time.  I’m sure you and your little ones will enjoy them just as much. 



This is one of the best and simplest books I have come across to encourage your child to write creatively. My son has always loved to use his imagination in drawing, truly enjoys being read to –  but is a reluctant writer. A few days after this book I found him attempting to write a  ‘recipe’ for macaroons (the boy loves macaroons)!


And better still, Rufus the Writer had given him the brilliant idea of gifting his Khala (one of my sisters) a story for her birthday. Written and illustrated by her favourite (and only!)  nephew!

Even if your child is not confident at writing encourage them to ‘narrate’ a story to you, while you write it down for them! This is such a lovely way to preserve that quirky tale without putting the pressure on letter formation ect if your child is not ready for that. The story Ismail ‘wrote’ (he narrated, I transcribed) to go along with his drawing was one that he titled ‘London’s Night’. It included ‘a moon that was shining on a little mini house’, ‘a road that someone had painted silver and gold’  ‘a flower that was pretty weird’ and ‘a shadow that was there all night and still there in the morning’ … all the ingredients of a sinister little tale that his Khala was absolutely delighted to receive!


That was in June, but we have another Khala’s birthday coming up this month and we know exactly what to send her!

Just like in a past Library Finds post, my son was willing to do a little mini Q&A session on the book if you’d like to read!

Describe what the book was about?  This book is about a Boy who made a story stand in summer instead of a lemonade stand.

What was your favourite part of the book? I like the part Rufus the writer wrote a ‘button’ story. it was SO funny and made me and my mom laugh I asked her to read it again and again and again! 




How did the book make you feel? Happy. And Silly. It gave me an idea to make a story into a present for my Khali.

Who would you recommend this book for ?  Mama and Baba and my friends. 



Put this book on your next Library Finds list!

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