What Do You Like To Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

(In Preparation For Giving Birth)

MAMANUSHKA.COM || Hospital Bag Inspiration || Birth

MAMANUSHKA.COM || Hospital Bag Inspiration || Birth

I actually quite like going for a ‘hospital birth’. I’ve always been well looked after and I love that feeling of ‘coming home with the baby’. For those of you who choose to have hospital births the question of what to put in your hospital bag can be kind of confusing but also exciting right? You’d think this being my third time I would have it sorted by now, but what can I say? I had basically forgotten everything and the only thing I remember taking with me for sure, the first two times is my eyeliner!

So I asked my sister, because  there is no mother like a first time mother to do her research on every single thing one might need (and not need! Ha! I mean who actually reads that book while in labour or lights that scented candle?)

I also asked some fellow more ‘experienced’ mamas about the things they loved to bring with them to the hospital. My friend Alice told me she took a pair of elegant pyjamas that her lovely Italian grandmother had bought her especially for the occasion! What a sweet idea esp for the photos after the birth!

Here are some other suggestions if you’d like to read;

One thing I appreciated having was slippers, even though you may be able to get socks from the hospital I preferred slippers for after a hot shower… ~ Reem

Red Raspberry leaf tea! I didn’t drink it while pregnant but loved it after I delivered. Any herbal tea to relax you and increase your fluids for milk supply. I also loved my new pj’s! ~ Vanessa

A ‘robe like’ abaya (the kind that closes by buttons in the front) so when people would come in (whether they were visiting  in laws or doctors ) and I wanted to be a bit more presentable, I would throw that over my pj’s. Also, sounds silly but I took my hair products so when I took my shower at the hospital I felt good when I looked in the mirror. My hair is finicky though and that was something I had overlooked the first two times. Lastly if you will be getting a breast pump ask if they can deliver it to the hospital before you leave so you don’t need to pick it up another day. ~ Leila

I’d suggest a print out of any duas you want to read while in labour as well as a date if you are comfortable giving a taste to the baby (tahneek) and I liked having a nursing cover handy ready to throw on if anyone came in. ~ Artina

I took some of my favourite sweets and chocolate snacks because I craved for sugar. And I took mascara and a lipstick to put on after showering. ~ Fatima

(obviously a girl after my own heart!)

Put some guilty pleasures in your hospital bag! ~ Aminah

Doula. Take a doula with you to the hospital! ~ Artina

I’m planning to take a special shawl or blanket with me to wrap baby in for photos, (sensing a theme here of where my priorities lie!), my special ‘baby product’ and these  leather slippers my adorable Mother in law gifted me from Kashmir. 

Also I will be popping a cute little blank card and some luxury chocolates into my hospital bag : so I can easily write the card out to the hospital team and give them the chocolates as a thank you gift before I leave instead of scrambling and having to buy these things at the last minute or even worse – going home and forgetting to send anything at all!

MAMANUSHKA.COM || Hospital Bag Inspiration || Birth


What about you? I’d love to hear what little things made you feel special? You can see my full hospital bag list here.


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  • Reply Artina December 13, 2016 at 2:24 am

    A fun read.. I am bookmarking this for my third time when I forget what I need 🙂 Love the photos by the way!

  • Reply Hafsa December 12, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Love this list… Great for 1st time moms and 4th time moms (like me, who also forgot everything) May Allah give you a quick and easy delivery. Ameen

  • Reply Anonymous December 12, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    I take everything except the kitchen sink.Hubby feels slightly embarrassed carrying my bags 😂😂😂

    • Reply Sumaya December 12, 2016 at 9:03 pm

      I hear you! These cute little flowery bags are my sister’s hospital bags – mine is more like ‘hospital bag carry on luggage’

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