Muslim Planners & Gratitude Journals: Four Fresh Options for The New Year


“Neglect not your time, nor use it haphazardly; on the contrary you should bring yourself to account. Structure your litanies and other practices during each day and night. This is how to bring about the baraka and spiritual blessing in every moment … each of your breaths is a priceless jewel.” – Imam al-Ghazali

It’s December and all I have to write is that the year is 2020 and in reading it you know exactly what I mean. You know exactly what I’ve learnt. You know exactly where I’ve been.

So it will be no surprise that coming into 2021, I’m taking my time a bit more seriously. This hasn’t been easy, given my freewheeling ways but hey, that’s 2020 for you. I’m making a note of my months, structuring my weeks and watching my breaths. I’m actioning the baraka back in and I’m wishing for you to do the same.

Recently I’ve come across a new-to-me kind of planner. A Muslim Planner. Structured in ways that make sense for a person who wants to pray on time, take regular stock of their inward and outward goals and who isn’t shy to admit that actually, eternal felicity is the real goal.

Here I’ve collected two Muslim planners and two Muslim gratitude journals that look like they would make great companions on the road to time well-spent and well-considered. Let us know your own thoughts and recommendations as well – leave a comment below or join in the chit chat over on our instagram.


Joy Within Islamic Planner

The Joy Within website states upfront that this planner is for both Here/Dunya and After/Akhira and structures it’s daily planning pages around salah times. Additionally it includes a monthly Sunnah challenge, Islamic months and dates, weekly and monthly Qur’an verses as well as more general habit and goal tracking. Classic cover styles and a choice of sizes means your planner will fit in with wherever you intend to use it.

$34.99, available online at joywithin.co
10% of every sale goes to IRF or Pure Hands Yemen Relief


Momentora Seeking Jannah Life Planner

Created specifically for Muslim moms by a Muslim mom, the Momentora life planner has  undated monthly and weekly spreads designed to bring rhythm and inspiration to your days. It includes goal tracking, vision boards and reflections prompts alongside a Qur’an reading tracker, weekly Islamic reminders and a du’a log. A clean aesthetic, customisable stickers and a flexible structure allow you truly make this planner your own.

$16.99, available online at momentora.com


Jeem Journal

Part gratitude journal, part routine builder, the Jeem Journal is a gorgeous, tactile volume that aims to encourage a daily practice of reflection. Through morning, evening and weekly guided prompts which are rooted in an Islamic framework, this journal can be used to capture observations, build self-awareness, plan daily goals and identify areas of self-improvement. A regular journaling practice has been shown to increase mindfulness and this blind-embossed, minimalist journal encourages you to grow into your best self.

£19.99, available online at jeem.life


Taqdeer Islamic Gratitude Journal

This absolutely stunning and substantial annual gratitude journal by Taqdeer was created to help users deeply connect the blessings of everyday life with the remembrance of Allah. There’s space for thrice weekly journal entries, morning and evening adhkar in English, inspirational sayings and reminders from the Qur’an and plenty of space for self-reflection and ongoing tasks. With a chic black cover, the option to personalise, thick pages and gold foil printed features through-out, this is a journal to elevate and inspire.

£23.99, available online at taqdeer.life


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All images courtesy of planner and journal producers.


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