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Tiny Tips For Ramadan


What’s your Ramadan remedy for keeping thirst at bay?

Last year while bemoaning cranky babies and drying up milk supplies (and therefore days missed of fasting) my friend Vanessa said ‘just drink coconut water’.

She didn’t even have to say anything else. It’s like one of those things you wonder why you’d never thought of before! Coconut water. OF COURSE! No matter how much plain water you drink – unless you sip it all day (or nights in Ramadan ) large bolus amounts of H2O just pass through your body a couple hours later. The natural electrolyte properties of coconut water mean that this fluid sticks around.

The first time hubby topped up with coconut water at iftiaar and sahoor – he was pretty amazed that the next day of fasting he experienced little to zero thirst. Now it’s the first thing he puts in the preparation for Ramadan groceries list.

I know I keep coming back to nursing – but this is a game changer in increasing your milk supply. Fasting or not, drinking coconut water will increase a nursing mother’s milk supply. You might already know that the amount of food you eat doesn’t really affect milk supply – but surprisingly enough – the quality of food you eat doesn’t affect milk production either! It’s all about the amount of fluids and the frequency with which your baby nurses. 


This tiny tip has big benefits! Try it. You’re welcome. 


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Photo Credit : Aiysha Malik

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