Really Tiny Tips For A Really Real Ramadan

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Ramadan has arrived, splendid and smiling and we could not be happier! What a true blessing it is to welcome this month once again into our homes and into our hearts.

We are about a week into the Ramadan vibe and some of the initial adrenaline of this spiritual month is beginning to fade. The realities of 16+ hour fasts, very little sleep and those young children, who have decided Ramadan is a party each and every day, is beginning to set in. This shift has had us mining our previous Ramadan experiences for all those little things that make these few weeks just a bit simpler, just a bit easier and just a bit more manageable.

These are tips for a really real Ramadan – one that happens alongside a life full of work, home and responsibilities. And as tiny as they are, these tips have been super amazing at helping us maintain our fasts, calm our homes and keep the joy!  We are so looking forward to sharing the love with you over the remainder of Ramadan with series of “tiny tip” posts and hope you will share your best ones with us as well.

I will begin with the decorations in this picture above. It may seem obvious but this year I was about to give up on Ramadan decorating until I realised that I could hand it over to my eight year old! She enlisted the help of her younger brother and they spent a weekend cutting and pasting and going through all the craft supplies to come up with this arrangement. It’s so charming and full of love and they were so proud of themselves. I admit, it was slightly difficult to let go of my pinterest inspired decor ideas but in the end, it was so much better to do so. Definitely a #winwin.



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