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We are traveling! Both halves of Mamanushka are in travel mode as we are visiting our families, literally crossing paths across the Atlantic. Remember the post where I mention our funny life swap moments? Well this is one of them. Que 90’s movie shot showing an airplane dashing across a map to indicate time passing and journeys made!

While one of us is enjoying real fish and chips with the kids (it’s the first food my son asked for when we landed on London soil) the other one will be having back yard barbecues and running through sprinklers in suburbia.

One of us will be indulging in late morning lie ins while the kids eat ice lollies for breakfast (typical grandparent approved breakfast) and run havoc in the garden, the other will be  handing over her kids to the family in order to have a long uninterrupted soak in the bath.

Just for fun, here are some of our same same but different traveling moments if you’d like to see! (trigger warning – most of them involve small people!)

On Packing Carefully Selected On-Board Items


USA –>UK   I arrange my  hand luggage items ready to go into clear Ziplock bags. I haven’t used the peppermint essential oil since my sister gifted it to me almost 12 months ago but of course I’m sure I will find a use for it at an altitude of 30,000 feet, while flying solo with two kids and no other adult to help me. Yes I will use that rose face mask and emerge beautious and fresh when we land. Look, it’s good to have high aspirations … at least it makes me feel chic and put together to have these things in my arsenal … even if I don’t look it!


UK –> CANADA  Aiysha says : These are my ‘carefully selected items,  bought ‘carefully’ just before boarding –  yes, these were purchased in the departures lounge! I love foam earplugs and I love Nurofen and I am not ashamed.

On Sibling Bonding


USA –>UK It never gets old … sibling bonding over the most exciting vehicle for the 2-5 age group – airplanes! Exciting that is for the first few minutes of being in the airport. Once we boarded the plane the two year old, surveyed the cabin and  declared ‘mama this no going be fun’ 


UK –> CANADA : Aiysha says: Nothing inspires cuddles like the line-up to pass through Airport security – sometimes you just wanna hug somebody!  Seriously, these displays of sibling affection help to endear us to the security officials and we get more smiles than growls –  considering this was the first day of high season in a packed airport,  I’d say that is a win.

On Getting Comfy


USA –> UK   Before we even boarded there was a huge tantrum involving chocolate milk and then chocolate milk covered clothes. Hence a change of clothes into cozy pjs and then from a much calmed down two year old – a request to ‘mama peeease foss ma teef’ the girl loves flossing don’t credit me- I think it’s something to do with having two khalas (aunties) who happen to be dentists. So basically the floss is the only thing that was actually used from my ‘carefully selected items’.


UK –> CANADA Precariously balanced on trolleys loaded with suitcases ensures a chilled start to this journey.

On Travelling Companions


USA -> UK This is ‘meow-baby’s’ first airplane travel so she has to experience all the sights too. Yes the doll’s name is ‘meow-baby’ (long story) see below for a doll lucky enough to be bestowed with a much loftier moniker!

Mamanushka.com || Travel Companion

UK -> CANADA  Aiysha says : The latest addition to our family has been named ‘Fatima Safiyya Ruqayya’ and she needed to come with us because, as it was explained to me by a very serious six year old ,”she is the youngest and was just born and so needs to stay close to me and sleep next to me and be in her sling,”… I guess attachment parenting doesn’t go unnoticed!

On Airport Arrivals


USA -> UK  “Hugs and Greetings of Airport Meetings” this is the moment that makes my journey worth it! The joy my kids bring to my parents is such a gift for me. (Also these days my kids get a kick out of rhyming sentences!)

Mamanushka.com || Travel || Luggage Handler

UK -> CANADA  Aiysha says: Sadly there are no airport hugs here thanks to this city’s famously complicated airport parking – so instead we enlist the best baggage handlers to help us get out of departures without delay.

On Summer Fun


Finally in the UK! Making friends at the most adorable little city farm in London, movies, a real ‘Row Row Row your boat’ boat ride and lots of reading aloud are all just the beginnings of summer fun when you have three Khalas, (so basically the kids have three younger, more fun and exiting versions of me – could they ask for anything more?!) We are here and we are grateful.

Mamanushka.com || Summer Fun

Finally in CANADA!  Aiysha says: What jet-lag? Scorching heat, a weekend barbecue with friends, cousins and water balloons cure all travel pains. I highly recommend this trifecta. We’re finally here, Alhamdulillah (Thanks be to God) and it is the best!

We’d love to know – what are your favorite parts about summer with or without kids ?

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