Guns N’ Kids

Ever have a moment that stops you? You sort of stumble a second or go mute, as your brain attempts to assimilate the intensity of all the various thoughts and feelings which have come, suddenly, crashing together? Well, unrolling this screenprint a few hours ago was one of those moments.

MAMANUSHKA.com || Kids and Guns || School Shootings || Screenprint || Art by Adot Ellison

We bought this nearly a decade ago and put it in storage until we could frame it. We were lucky to buy it direct from the artist and even then, we were drawn to the poignant political message it gave.

At the time, it reminded us of child soldiers – kids who should be drawing and creating instead of warring and killing. Today, I look at this image and see school shootings –  kids who should be learning and connecting instead of raging and dying. Either way, the kids are not alright.

There is nothing I can say here that hasn’t already been said better and by those whom this sadness has touched more directly. But know, for those of us whose children are practising lock down drills in school, for those of us whose children are practising how to talk to a police officer and remain alive, for those us who are fleeing to find a safe haven and for those of us organising for a better way forward – we see your struggle, we feel your panic and we embrace your hope. To raise a child is to change the world and we will do it together.



Original Screenprint by Adam Ellison

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