Smallest Bit Of Sparkle

Tiny Gold Earrings

I was recently flipping through photographer Mihaela Noroc’s new book ‘The Atlas of Beauty’ when this photo caught me unawares –  

The caption read ;

Among the most graceful women I encountered, this Tibetan mother of two in a rural village looked like this the moment she opened the door to me; she had been cleaning her house, and yet was wearing her jewellery. I found that Tibetan women display this kind of style in every moment of their lives.

This stunning lady reminded me of my grandmothers and aunts in Kashmir who even in their plainest of home clothes would always have on the smallest bit of sparkle. Oftentimes  in the form of gold earrings or a Ladakhi* pearl necklace much like the one shown in the photo. My favourite and most coveted piece of jewellery on these women of my childhood was a pomegranate necklace! Not really made of pomegranate seeds but each tiny red crystal-like bead looking exactly like pomegranate seeds on a string.

Wedding rings although exchanged at some point during ceremonies were never a huge cultural must have. In fact I have never seen my grandmothers, aunts and even my mum wear a specific ‘wedding ring’. However, my Mother still wears the same six gold bangles on her wrists, the same ones I’ve seen ever since I’ve needed to hold her hand to cross a road!

Before the kids were born I was huge on statement earrings. Like a funky pair of shoes – earrings were my way of effortlessly transform any outfit. So the thought of wearing the same pair on a daily basis seemed pointless.

Until now. Now, with a baby and morning drop off routines for two other kids, it sounds positively appealing. Seeing this photo and it’s caption brought back some kind of nostalgia. It made me crave a bit of that style and make it my own. So I went looking in my cupboard for just the right pair of earrings for my new understated everyday glamours look!

I wanted something tiny but more than just studs, and when I saw the backs of these ones I was sold.

The back ‘clicks’ into place so there is no chance of snagging on a sweater. I remember when my Mother in Law gave me these – on the birth of my daughter, not for me but for her (yes the baby). Even though she knew that her grand-baby may not have her ears pierced for years – the gifting of her first tiny gold earrings was symbolic. A future gift, never losing its value to be cherished  and use later in life (or to be ‘borrowed’ by her mother!)

It’s surprising what a difference a little sparkle makes. The gold is so warming and just seeing them  when I catch my reflection in the mirror makes me feel a bit more put together.

Do you wear jewellery everyday?


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*(Ladakh is a region of Indian Occupied Kashmir that shares one of its borders with Tibet)

Top Image Credit Photograph by Mihaela Noroc from her book ‘The Atlas Of Beauty’ (Sichuan Province, China)


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  • Reply Sarah October 25, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    For as long as I can remember my mom has worn the same gold bracelets and the sound of them clanging together when she moved about the house would bring a sense of peace and nostalgia. It became a part of my mothers identity to me as a child, just like her smell.

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