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  •|| Love In A Mug || Turmeric Milk || Golden Milk

    Love In A Mug

    A Tale Of Turmeric As a Mizan Therapist my friend Asma nurtures wombs with the use of traditional healing techniques, but I like to call her ‘The Mistress of Spices’! Here straight…

  • || To Be A Woman || International Women's Day Rally || Edmonton || Image By Abdul Malik || Power To The Sisters || Women's Protest Sign

    To Be A Woman

    It comes all of a sudden. Without notice. Without warning. After years of absorbing what a woman should be, could be, ought to be. After decades of agitating to be heard just…

  • || Is Your Heart Shining || Original Painting by Ausma Malik

    Is Your Heart Shining?

    Some months ago, my adorable five year old nephew taught our children that if they share and do good things, their hearts will be shining and full of light.* Our eldest was…

  • || Why I Celebrate Birthdays || Muslim Birthday || 1980s Vintage Photo

    Why I Celebrate Birthdays

    Strange, but true, birthdays are one of those odd hot button topics that jump up at you once you become a ‘Muslim Mother’. Along with those fleeting questions about things like allowing…

  • Love Our Aunties || Upping The Aunty, Pinky Aunty by Artist Meera Sethi ||

    Sneakers and Saris

    Considerations On A Hate/Love Relationship We all have them. From as far back as we can remember, they descend upon us at every wedding, every funeral, every dinner party, to pinch our…

  • that thing about rain ::

    That Thing About Rain

    It’s a rainy day here as I write this … grey skies, windows misted with droplets. We live in New England USA and sunshine is in plenty during these summer months but…