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    The Things We Keep

    Boaba’ my paternal grandmother, is a loud, ‘like it or lump it’ kind of woman. While other elders wear somber pherans of various mothy hues, her signature pheran is a loud turquoise…


    Kashmiri State Of Mind

    It’s not everyday you can say something hasn’t  been photographed in NYC. It’s the city of a million snapshots and a thousand fashion editorials – but where haute couture has been photographed…


    Bringing Kashmiri Back

    Resistance through fashion.   I’m bringing  Kashmiri back. Remember when we last talked about pherans ? That is still one of the most read posts on Mamanushka. As I write this I’ve just…


    Style Inspo : Pheranomenal Kashur Chic

    You might have noticed I have had Kashmir on my mind. As an ode to her return to Kashmir, I shared Mama-in-Law’s method of making the ever elusive Koshur aanchar (there were…