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  • || Philosopher Kids ||

    Philosopher Kids

    Have you guys seen this video from the NYT?  Kelly O’Brien, an independant film maker shares this small film she made about questions her daughter has asked her over the years (‘Can…

  • || To Be A Woman || International Women's Day Rally || Edmonton || Image By Abdul Malik || Power To The Sisters || Women's Protest Sign

    To Be A Woman

    It comes all of a sudden. Without notice. Without warning. After years of absorbing what a woman should be, could be, ought to be. After decades of agitating to be heard just…


    Refresh, Renew, Rejoice

    Can you believe Mamanushka just turned six months old? Well six months and 7 days but who’s counting? What an absolutely wonderful 24 weeks it’s been getting to know you all and…


    People We Lost In 2016 

    To God Is The Return 2016, more than any other year in recent memory, seemed marked by “high profile” deaths. From saints to inspirations,  humanitarians to poets to cultural icons – every…

  • || One Reminder We All Need || Timeless Advice || Wisdom || Boat || Sunshine || Hope

    The One Reminder We All Need

    I came across a passage in a book when I was sixteen years old – just finishing high school and readying myself for a big city university adventure. Standing at the precipice…

  • || Why I Celebrate Birthdays || Muslim Birthday || 1980s Vintage Photo

    Why I Celebrate Birthdays

    Strange, but true, birthdays are one of those odd hot button topics that jump up at you once you become a ‘Muslim Mother’. Along with those fleeting questions about things like allowing…

  • MAMANUSHKA.COM || Why The Lunar Calendar Matters || Islamic Calendar

    Why The Lunar Calendar Matters

    According to where you live, either yesterday or today heralded the first of Muharram and with it, the beginning of the new Islamic year! I don’t know about you, but I am…