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    To Ramadan, With Love

    My Dearest Ramadan, We waited for you for so long – an entire year almost. We counted the months, then weeks,then days until your arrival and yet, even with our constant anticipation,…

  • MAMANUSHKA.com || Is Your Heart Shining || Original Painting by Ausma Malik

    Is Your Heart Shining?

    Some months ago, my adorable five year old nephew taught our children that if they share and do good things, their hearts will be shining and full of light.* Our eldest was…


    Refresh, Renew, Rejoice

    Can you believe Mamanushka just turned six months old? Well six months and 7 days but who’s counting? What an absolutely wonderful 24 weeks it’s been getting to know you all and…

  • MAMANUSHKA.COM || Like A Mother || Thoughts On Becoming A Khala

    ‘Like’ A Mother

    The One ‘First’ I Experienced ‘Last’  Being the eldest of four sisters, I suppose I mostly experienced all the firsts …well… First. I was the first to go to school, drive, move…