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  • Mamanushka.com || Living In Remarkable Times || This Door Is Always Open

    Living In Remarkable Times

    Our Old-Fashioned Friendship In The Modern World A few weeks ago, this article was making the rounds on my social media. It was mostly shared by people who, like me,  were born…

  • mamanushka.com :: traveling with kids :: same same but different

    Same Same But Different : Traveling

    We are traveling! Both halves of Mamanushka are in travel mode as we are visiting our families, literally crossing paths across the Atlantic. Remember the post where I mention our funny life…

  • henna sunshine :: mamanushka.com

    Same, Same But Different

    About Our Eid & Us There wasn’t supposed to be another ‘Eid’ post today but hey, the kids are still in Eid mode around here! One of the best parts about Eid,…