Things To Listen To In Ramadan & Beyond


Can we stop for a moment and talk about Ramadan listening? Every year, a few days into this blessed month, it inevitably comes up:

“Really trying to cut down on the radio during Ramadan…”

“If only there were good muslim audiobooks…”

“The kids aren’t really into only quran in the car…”

And my personal favourite,

“I miss my music more than my coffee”

Of the many distractions we try to minimise for Ramadan, what we listen to seems to be a universal one and that makes sense. As we continue in our fasting endeavor, our senses feel heightened and the drudgery of everyday life seem to recede – In this state, why shouldn’t we feel more compelled to listen and hear things that will uplift our spirits, engage our thoughts and connect us to our better selves?

So, in order to make it a little bit easier, we’ve done our fair share of listening to bring you this list of tunes, podcasts and playlists, good for Ramadan and beyond! Whether you have just 5 minutes, or a long distance drive, turn your ears this way and find something to inspire.

ramadan_listening_onbeing_via_mamanushka_blogRevealing Ramadan | Playlist
I stumbled upon this playlist of Muslim voices from around the world sharing their personal experiences of Ramadan – and love how it highlights the diversity and beauty of our community. All tracks have been collected here and make for great listening and sharing.



Daily Juz Reflections | Playlist
Every day during Ramadan, the Cambridge Muslim College will be releasing a bite-sized reflection on the juz/portion of the Qu’ran corresponding to that day. So on the first day of Ramadan, they released a reflection on the first juz and so on. I find this a great resource, especially before going to pray the tarawih prayers where that same juz will be recited. Even if I am unable to attend tarawih prayers, I like that these help focus my thoughts on a particular part of the Quran for that day.



Soulfood | Podcast
This was one of my favourite finds from Ramadan last year and I am beyond  happy that it will continue daily this year as well. Literally food for the soul, each episode focuses upon one particular aspect of spiritual struggle, such as fortitude, action or thankfulness and how it relates to us in our real lives. My favourite from last year was the episode on friendship but they are all excellent. As one reviewer put it: “Short and inspiring reminders that hit you where it counts.” – I couldn’t agree more!

Visit the website  or subscribe in iTunes.



Quran Recitation | Free Download
This is Sumaya’s absolute FAVOURITE for quran listening. She says: The first time my son heard this, when he was three, he immediately identified with the voices ‘that’s a boy and that is his Baba’ it consists of an adult qari reciting an ayah and a young boy repeating. The thing we love about this is the absolute beautiful rhythm of the recitation. Not too slow and not too fast. And sometimes the litany/diction actually moves me to tears. Click here to play/download.


Seekers Hub Lesson Sets | Download/Stream
I recently learned about these lesson sets available for free download and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and useful they are. Simply enter your email address and the download and streaming links are sent directly to your inbox. Covering relevant subjects such as parenting, zakat and fasting, there are also sets on the meaning of certain hadith and parts of the Quran – the commentary on Surah Fatiha, for example is amazing.



We Love Muhammad | Album
Hands down the BEST audio introduction to the Prophet Muhammad – upon whom be blessings and peace – made specifically for children. Thoughtful, engaging and well-produced, this was gifted to me by my cousin years ago and my children absolutely adore it. It tells of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, from birth to prophecy. Noor Saadeh, the narrator and creator of this album has a wonderfully expressive voice and woven in with the story are catchy songs (available with or without music) which highlight key events of the seerah. A must have for Ramadan and beyond. Available to download here.


Checking out the Mamanushka playlists... listen

Checking out the Mamanushka playlists…

Mamanushka Soundcloud | Playlists
Last but not least, our very own Mamanushka Soundcloud playlists for easy streaming and listening. Ever-growing, we collect our favourite qasida and nasheed tracks here. We have separated them into one playlist for kids and one for adults but this is a very fluid distinction and each can truly be enjoyed by any age, depending on the mood. The only criteria for these playlists are that we and our families like them! We’re also curious about what your families love listen to – there are so many wonderful things out there, so please share your favourites in the comments!

This playlist for those who are young (and young at heart) features more songs in English and with simple melodies:


This next playlist features more traditional nasheeds and qasaid from around the world and many have a great rhythms which resonate with all ages:

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  • Reply MuslimMama June 14, 2016 at 2:00 am

    This is brilliant! Some familiar and loved ones mixed in with new ones that we hadn’t heard before!

  • Reply Pabx June 13, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    JazakAllah Such a wealth of Ramadan audio jewels!

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