Things Parents Say

 The Best Stuff They Ever Told Us

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Doesn’t is seem like parents always have some suggestion or another to make? Whether it be on what to do, where to go or how to improve our situation, circumstances or personal faults.

No matter that you may be an adult. No matter that you may be independent, successful or even a parent yourself. Nope. To your mother and father, you are forever a child in need of counsel and guidance.

And the funny thing about this is, eventually, you begin to look forward to their thoughts and opinions in a way you never did before. And even more incredible, when you look back on all the wisdom they have imparted over the years, you can see that they said so much good stuff – only you may not have been able to accept it back then!

This series, “Things Parents Say”,  is all about those gems which really stuck with you – that you may or may not have appreciated at the time but helped and changed you anyways.

Check back later today for the first post in this series where I share how one simple observation imparted by my father made all the difference.


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