Three Favorite Ramadan Things

Flowers, Moons and an Adorable Book. Three lovely and simple ideas  to incorporate into your Ramadan / Eid Vibe.



Ramadan Celebrate The World Book

This cute little board book is officially my favourite Ramadan children’s book of this year. If I could live in children’s book land this is where you’ll find me wearing colorful babushka inspired prints and living in a lollipop domed house. Look through the book right here  




We’ve been seeing Ramadan wreaths everywhere. They are officially a thing. And since Ramadan this year is hosted by the blossom filled month of May – wait – do you really need reasons to embrace more flowers into your life?

Love walking past this little corner of the kids’ room – makes me so happy. Felt flowers wreath from Target – mosque sillouette art  put together myself with black card stock and some pretty leftover wrapping paper.

Another way to do it – with this  Moon & Star wall decor light.



Ok so I might have saved the best for last. This gorgeous moon mobile is alas not hanging in my home but in lovely Aiysha’s walls because get this – she MADE it.

All I want to know is – when can I order mine?!


Also Really Tiny Tips for a Really Real Ramadan

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  • Reply Aqsa Shaheen January 27, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    Nice Article..

  • Reply Aminah May 29, 2018 at 3:04 am

    I love the book (so well done), the wreath and the moons… lol. I’ve got to get on my wreath game 👍🏼.

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